While many pornography consumers start out with seemingly innocuous porn preferences, over time they tend to seek harder and more perverse types of pornography, often leading them to view illegal and sadistic acts.

The child pornography industry is one of the fastest growing on the internet.

It is clearly established that consumers of child pornography are more likely to engage in child molestation acts.

Even if you don’t seek out child pornography, what many viewers don’t know is that often the pornography which they believe to be of consenting adults is frequently filmed of trafficking victims, who are commonly as young as age 14.

What do Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy Jr. have in common?

They were all consumers of pornography from an early age.

The rise of pornography consumption has been clearly linked to a rise in sexual violence from date rape to serial murder.

Mirror neurons in our brains teach us how to carry out acts that we see performed. The repeated and prolonged watching of any act greatly increases the likelihood that you will attempt to carry out that act yourself.

Furthermore, prolonged exposure to pornography greatly decreases a person’s empathy, making them feel less inclined to intervene when they witness a crime or to feel pain about harming another individual.

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