Everyone knows that  if a person has the right genes and personality, it is possible to become addicted to alcohol after just one sip. The likelihood of becoming addicted to any substance goes up depending on how addictive that substance is. Say, on a scale from one to ten, any person’s likelihood of becoming an alcoholic is a 4 and a meth addict is an 8 or 9.

What the pornography industry doesn’t want you to know is that the addictiveness of pornography even after just one exposure is somewhere between alcohol and heroin.

While viewing porn, the brain releases a huge rush of  neurochemicals like dopamine, testosterone and serotonin. These chemicals act on the brain just like drugs, activating the reward and pleasure centers.

Ask any therapist or psychologist. Millions of dollars are spent in psychotherapy every year by porn addicts seeking to free themselves from the snare of pornography.

Many lose their jobs, family, even their home because of an inability to abstain.

If you aren’t a porn addict yourself, chances are, you know someone who is. And this addiction is every bit as damaging as alcoholism and drug use.

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