2 comments on “Ashamed

  1. This is so funny. You try so hard to make porn sound like drug addition, like it’s something you spend hours viewing every day. Anyone who is mentally healthy or socially well-adjusted won’t do that and trying to convince people that porn is some “dark secret” is hysterical. You don’t share the porn you look at because sexuality is still taboo in our world just as it is perfectly normal to show your dick to your wife but wouldn’t whip it out in public.

    Thinking. What we athiests do.

  2. Your comment makes your ignorance very clear. This site is not affiliated to any religion. Pornography is harmful and addictive and it destroys marriages and is linked to sex slavery, sexual violence and child abuse. Those things are wrong, regardless of your belief in any God.
    If you don’t agree with the site, feel free to check out the Links page, to read up on the literature, or to talk to a therapist yourself. Chances are, you know someone who struggles with a pornography addiction, and they are usually extremely well adjusted, normal people.

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